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Touchbox Media is a Vancouver Instagram/Hashtag Print station of choice. Our Hashtag Print Station helps place a photo in everyones hand via Social Media. Our modernly designed Instagram Print Station will fit into any event. Let your guest take control of what there sharing and printing.

Snap a photo.  #Hashtag a photo.  Print a Photo.  Its that Simple 


Hashtags help bring people together! Friends with Family, Brands with Consumers, events with their attendees. With our Vancouver Instagram Print Station you get a beautiful snapshot of your event, updated in real time, viewable at any time.


Put your brand out there. With our Instagram/Twitter print station, you choose the #hashtag and your attendees and guest can snap away. Its Social media sharing at it finest.


Everyone loves Instagram, and mostly everyone uses Instagram. People love sharing where they are and what they are doing. It is the most used Social Media Network available and has the most reach capabilities.

Hashtag instagram station Vancouver

Snap a Photo!

Our Vancouver Instagram print station is always ready to go. Simply take a photo with your smart phone, choose a filter (if you want).

#Hashtag A Photo! 

After the photo has been taken, upload the photo to Instagram, use the special event #hashtag. and your done. The Instagram print station will have your photo printed and ready for you to pick up.

vancouver instagram station

Print a Photo!

After your photo has been uploaded and #Hashtag, simply walk up to our #Hashtag print station and pick up your photo.

Its that Simple!

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